About the UHMS Annual Awards

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society presents yearly awards to select individuals recognized for their significant contributions to the specialty of undersea and hyperbaric medicine.

All members of the UHMS are invited to nominate any individual of their choice for the following awards. To submit nominations, please fill in the attached form. Please note it is important in assisting the awards committee to write a short citation of a maximum of 300 words outlining the reasons why your nominee is deserving of the award.    **Awards may be made to two or more people and may not be awarded in the absence of a suitable nominee**



The Albert R. Behnke Award:

This is the premier award of the UHMS. This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to advances in the undersea or hyperbaric biomedical field.

Prior Recipients: 

2019: Enrico Camporesi, MD
2018: Paul Cianci, MD
2017: Wayne Gerth, PhD
2016: Fred Bove, MD
2015: Neil Hampson, MD
2014: Paul Weathersby, PhD
2013: Richard Moon, MD
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Excellence in Commercial Diving Award:

This award is presented at the annual meeting to a UHMS member for outstanding contributions to the commercial diving industry in the area of increased productivity or performance of the working diver. Specific recognition is given to practical application of biomedical knowledge to the solution of problems encountered in diving operations. The award was previously known as the Oceaneering International Award. The UHMS Commercial Diving Award is sponsored by LSU UHM Fellowship in honor of Keith Van Meter, MD.


 Prior Recipients: 

2019: n/a
2018: Owen J. O'Neill, MD
2017: Tony Allemna, MD
2016: Keith Van Meter, MD
2015: David Smart, MBBS
2014: Joseph Serio, MD
2013: none awarded
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Excellence in Diving Medicine Award:

This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member for an outstanding contribution to teaching, education, science and/or safety in the field of Diving Medicine and related fields. This UHMS award was previously known as the Craig Hoffman Memorial / Charles W. Shilling Award.



Prior Recipients: 

2019: Bruce Derrick, MD
2018: Jim Chimiak, MD
2017: Petar Denoble, MD
2016: Simon Mitchell, MBBS, PhD
2015: Neal Pollock, PhD
2014: John Freiberger, MD & John Wassel, MD
2013: James Holm, MD & Tracy LeGros, MD
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Excellence in Hyperbaric Medicine Award:

This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member in recognition of continued diligence and excellence in the practice of hyperbaric medicine, particularly in areas of basic and clinical research as it might impact patient care. This award was previously known as the Carolyn Sue Ray Memorial award.


Prior Recipients: 

2019: Susan Churchill, APRN
2018: Michael Bennett, MD
2017: Brett Hart, MD
2016: Caroline Fife, MD
2015: Laurie Gesell, MD
2014: Helen Gelly. MD
2013: Paul L. Claus, MD
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The Young Scientist/Medical Doctor Award:

This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member.  It is to recognize the work of a young medical doctor or scientist whose performance is consistently outstanding. The recipient can be either a clinician or researcher practicing in hyperbaric and/or diving medicine and must not be older than 40 years of age. This award is sponsored by Dr. Mahito Kawashima in honour of Professor Yoshihiro Mano, Japan.


Prior Recipients: 

2019: Charolette Sadler, MD
2018: Dawn Kernagis
2017: Cory R. Dubose, MD & Yolanda Michetti, MD
2016: Walter Chin, RN
2015: Takuya Oyaizu, MD
2014: Mimi Sammarco, PhD
2013: Bruce J. Derrick, MD & Masaki Horie, MD
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The Paul C. Baker Award for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Safety Excellence Award:

This award is for an Associate Member, in good standing, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of safety in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Specific attention is given to those who have implemented outstanding hyperbaric safety programs, authored hyperbaric safety publications, developed or presented on hyperbaric safety related research.  The award may be made for a single contribution of great importance or for many contributions over the years.


Prior Recipients: 

2019: Geness Koumandukis, CHT, RRT
2018: None Awarded
2017: None Awarded
2016: Sherri Ferguson
2015: Julio Garcia, CHT
2014: James Bell, CHT
2013: Jeff Mize, CHT
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Excellence in Critical Care Hyperbaric Medicine Award:

This award is presented at the annual meeting to an Associate member in recognition of all the hyperbaric nurses and hyperbaric technicians that currently spend countless hours on-call as well as dealing with the tragedy and trauma of critical cases in life and death situations worldwide. The specific focus of this award is on the provision of critical care with  24/7 availability, whether in support of commercial or sport diving, undersea medicine, or in the clinical hyperbaric medicine arena. This award is restricted to a nurse or technical staff member from a 24/7 facility.  This award was previously known as the Ted Gurnee award.


Prior Recipients: 

2019: Julio R. Garcia, ACHRN, CHT
2018: Greg Brown, CHT
2017: Esacar Agbay, Jr., CHT
2016: Wafa Daoud, RN & Megan Zynkian, RN
2015: Mary Chin, ACHRN
2014: Brock Chamberlain, CHT
2013: Diane McNamara, ACHRN
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Associate’s Achievement Recognition Scholarship:

This scholarship is intended to assist the recipient to attend and present an abstract at the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting. This recipient must be a UHMS Associate Member in good standing. More information on the scholarship and application can be found on the Achievement Recognition Scholarship web page.  This scholarship is sponsored by Sechrist Industries and Wound Care Education Partners.  


Prior Recipients: 

2019: n/a
2018: Chae Bliss
2017: Nituna Phillips, CHT
2016: Michael Natoli, CHT
2015: none awarded
2014: Gwen Gatlin, RN
2013: Susan Becker, CHRN
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