UHMS Annual Awards Past Recipients

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The Albert R Behnke Award:
This is the premier award of the UHMS. This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual in recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to advances in the undersea or hyperbaric biomedical field.

2018 Paul Cianci 2000 None 1983 Peter B. Bennett
2017 Wayne Gerth 1999 Noemi Bitterman 1982 E.E.P. Barnard
2016 Alfred Bove 1998 Ronald Y. Nishi 1981 Xavier Fructus
2015 Neil Hampson 1997 Claes E.G. Lundgren 1980 Carl Magnus Hesser
2014 Paul Weathersby 1996 Stephen R. Thom 1979 John W. Bean
2013 Richard Moon 1995 Alf Brubakk 1978 Karl E. Schaefer
2012 Richard Vann 1994 Dag Linnarsson 1977 Edward H. Lanphier
2011 Alf Brubakk 1993 Jon T. Mader 1976 H.V. Hempleman
2010 Simon Mitchell 1992 John M. Hallenbeck 1975 Edgar End
2009 Keith Van Meter 1991 Jefferson C. Davis 1974 Hermann Rahn
2008 Stephen R. Thom 1990 Mark E.Bradley 1973 Hermann Rahn,
2007 Tom S. Neuman 1989 Heinz R. Schreiner 1972 Kenneth W. Donald
2006 David R. Pendergast 1988 Herbert A. Saltzman 1971 George F. Bond
2005 Jean-Claude Rostain 1987 Leon E. Farhi, 1970 Christian J. Lambertsen
2004 None awarded 1986 Ralph W. Brauer 1969 Albert R. Behnke
2003 James Francis 1985 Dennis N. Walder    
2002 Yoram "Rami" Grossman 1984 Otto Van Der Aue    
2001 Michael Bennett 1983 Peter B. Bennett    

Excellence in Commercial Diving Award: 
This award is presented at the annual meeting to a UHMS member for outstanding contributions to the commercial diving industry in the area of increased productivity or performance of the working diver. Specific recognition is given to practical application of biomedical knowledge to the solution of problems encountered in diving operations. The award was previously known as the Oceaneering International Award. The UHMS Commercial Diving Award is sponsored by LSU UHM Fellowship in honor of Keith Van Meter, MD. 

2018 Owen O’Neill 2000 None awarded 1991 Ichiro Nashimoto
2017 Tony Alleman 1999 None awarded 1990 None awarded
2016 Keith Van Meter 1998 Andre Galerne 1989 Robert W. Hamilton
2015 David Smart 1997 Robert Wong 1988 Peter Edel
2014 Joseph Serio 1996 C. Gordon Daugherty 1987 Henri G. DeLauze
2013 None awarded 1995 J. Morgan Wells 1986 Glen H. Egstrom
2012 Mahito Kawashima 1994 William P. Fife 1985 Dick Clarke
2011 Stephen Reimers 1993 Richard E. Moon 1984 David A. Youngblood
2010 Eric Fink 1992 Richard D. Vann 1983 None awarded
2009 None awarded 1991 Ichiro Nashimoto 1982 David H. Elliott
2008 Yoshihiro Mano 1990 None awarded 1981 Hannes Keller
2007 Kevan P. Corson 1989 Wouter Sterk 1980 Paul Webb
2006 None awarded 1988 Robert W. Hamilton 1979 Edward T. Flynn & William H. Spaur
2005 None awarded 1987 Peter Edel 1978 Albert A. Buhlmann,
2004 None awarded 1986 Henri G. DeLauze 1977 Xavier Fructus, Robert Naquet,
Jean Claude Rostain
2003 David Doolette 1985 Glen H. Egstrom 1976  
2002 David M. Heaney 1984 Dick Clarke    
2001 None awarded 1983 David A. Youngblood    

Excellence in Diving Medicine Award:
This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member for an outstanding contribution to teaching, education, science and/or safety in the field of Diving Medicine and related fields. This UHMS award was previously known as the Craig Hoffman Memorial / Charles W. Shilling Award. 

2018 Jim Chimiak 2000 Drew Richardson, Michael A. Lang, Jordi Desola, Jurg Wendling 1982 James T. Joiner & Charles W. Shilling
2017 Petar Denoble 1999 Keith Van Meter & Carl Edmonds 1981 Norman K.I. McIver
2016 Simon Mitchell 1998 E. Cuauhtemoc Sanchez &
Robert W. Hamilton
1980 None awarded
2015 Neal Pollock 1997 Robert M. Wong & Paul J. Sheffield 1979 Georges Arnoux & Robert Holland
2014 John Freiberger & John Wassel 1996 Joel Dovenbarger & David H. Elliott 1978 S.A. Warner
2013 James Holm & Tracy LeGros 1995 Glen H., Egstrom & Hideyo Takahashi 1977  
2012 D. Lindsie Cone 1994 Hugh D. VanLiew & Enrico Camporesi 1976  
2011 Morgan Wells & Dick Rutkowski 1993 Eric P. Kindwall & George B. Hart 1975  
2010 Jim Joiner 1992 DAN & Dirk J. Bakker    
2009 Guy Dear 1991 Merrill P. Spencer &
Mary Anne Rokitka
2008 Alessandro Marroni &
Donald R. Chandler
1990 Yehuda Melamed &
Ramsdale R. Pearson
2007 E.Cuauhtemoc Sanchez &
Keith Van Meter
1989 James W. Miller    
2006 Tom S. Neuman & Eric Kindwall 1988 Alfred A. Bove & Robert C. Bornmann    
2005 David Smart / Mike Davis 1987 Carl Edmonds &
James Vorosmarti, Jr
2004 Dick Clarke 1986 James R. Stewart & Arthur J. Bachrach    
2003 Richard D. Vann & Helen T. Davis 1985 Jefferson C. Davis &
Andrew A. Pilmanis
2002 Glenn J. Butler & Mahito Kawashima 1984 Paul G. Linaweaver &
Hugh D. VanLiew
2001 Wilbur T.Workman & Oskar F. Ehm 1983 Philip B. James &
Norman S. Portenoy

Excellence in Hyperbaric Medicine Award: 
This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member in recognition of continued diligence and excellence in the practice of hyperbaric medicine, particularly in areas of basic and clinical research as it might impact patient care. This award was previously known as the Carolyn Sue Ray Memorial award.

2018 Michael Bennett 2009 Jayesh Shah    
2017 Brett Hart 2008 Robert Warriner, III    
2016 Caroline Fife 2007 J. Benjamin Slade    
2015 Laurie Gesell 2006 Jim and Susan Joiner    
2014 Helen Gelly 2005 None awarded    
2013 Paul L. Claus 2004 Martin R. Hamilton-Farrell    
2012 Heather Murphy-Lavoie 2003 Michael Strauss    
2011 No Recipient 2002 Lindell Weaver    
2010 Neil Hampson        

Young Scientist/Medical Doctor Award: 
This award is presented at the annual meeting to an individual UHMS member.  It is to recognize the work of a young medical doctor or scientist whose performance is consistently outstanding. The recipient can be either a clinician or researcher practicing in hyperbaric and/or diving medicine and must not be older than 40 years of age. This award is sponsored by Dr. Mahito Kawashima in honour of Professor Yoshihiro Mano, Japan.

2018 Dawn Kernagis 2011 No Recipient    
2017 Cory R. Dubose & Yolanda Michetti 2010 Jorge Dario Gomez Castillo    
2016 Walter Chin 2009 Amir Mor    
2015 Takuya Oyaizu 2008 None Awarded    
2014 Mimi Sammarco, PhD 2007 Jayesh Shah    
2013 Bruce J. Derrick & Masaki Horie        
2012 Anne Cherry        

The Paul C. Baker Award for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Safety Excellence:
This award is for an Associate Member, in good standing, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of safety in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Specific attention is given to those who have implemented outstanding hyperbaric safety programs, authored hyperbaric safety publications, developed or presented on hyperbaric safety related research.  The award may be made for a single contribution of great importance or for many contributions over the years.

2018 None Awarded 2008 Terry Beard 1998 Dick Clarke
2017 None Awarded 2007 Steve Fabus 1997 Paul Baker
2016 Sherri Ferguson 2006 Steve Wood    
2015 Julio Garcia 2005 Greg Raleigh    
2014 James Bell 2004 Kevin Corson & Christy Pirone    
2013 Jeff Mize 2003 Robert Sheffield    
2012 Francois Burman 2002 Jay Duchnick    
2011 Kevin "Kip” Posey 2001 Sue DeSantis & Ken Rideout    
2010 Richard Barry 2000 Brian Foley    
2009 Stacy Handley 1999 Jim McCarthy    

Excellence in Critical Care Hyperbaric Medicine Award: 
This award is presented at the annual meeting to an Associate member in recognition of all the hyperbaric nurses and hyperbaric technicians that currently spend countless hours on-call as well as dealing with the tragedy and trauma of critical cases in life and death situations worldwide. The specific focus of this award is on the provision of critical care with  24/7 availability, whether in support of commercial or sport diving, undersea medicine, or in the clinical hyperbaric medicine arena. This award is restricted to a nurse or technical staff member from a 24/7 facility.  This award was previously known as the Ted Gurnee award.

2018 Greg Brown 2012 Richard “Gus” Gustavson    
2017 Esacar Agbay, Jr. 2011 Tiffany Hamm    
2016 Wafa Daoud & Megan Zynkian 2010 Jeff Mize    
2015 Mary Chin 2009 No Recipient    
2014 Brock Chamberlain 2008 Ted Gurnee    
2013 Diane McNamara        

Associate’s Achievement Recognition Scholarship: 
This scholarship is intended to assist the recipient to attend and present an abstract at the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting. This recipient must be a UHMS Associate Member in good standing. More information on the scholarship and application can be found on the Achievement Recognition Scholarship web page.  This scholarship is sponsored by Sechrist Industries and Wound Care Education Partners.  CLICK HERE FOR AN APPLICATION

2018 Chae Bliss 2013 Susan Becker    
2017 Nituna Phillips 2012 Diana Bodwin    
2016 Michael Natoli 2011 Annette Gwilliam    
2015 None 2010 James Bell    
2014 Gwen Gatlin        




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