UHMS Committees


Activities of the UHMS are carried by committees, who are chaired and staffed by volunteers. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or in learning more about a committee's activities, please contact the committee chair.

Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee scientificcommittee@uhms.org
Encoh Huang (Co-Chair)
James Holm (Co-Chair)
Nick Bird
John Feldmeier
Laurie Gesell
Bruce Derrick
Sandra Wainwright
Stephen Thom
Matt Schweyer 
Gus Gustavson 

Lisa Tidd (Meeting Planner) 
Stacy Rupert (CME Coordinator)

Awards Committee 
Gerardo Bosco (Chair)
Mahito Kawashima M.D.
Matt Schweyer, CHT
Ian Millar, MD
Paul Claus, MD
James Holm, MD

Audit/Finance Committee 
Laurie Gesell, MD
John Peters, Executive Director
James Holm
Matt Schweyer
Brett Hart
John Feldmeier
Enoch Huang

Clinical Practice Guidelines Oversight Committee
John Feldmeier, DO (Chair) 
Ken LeDez, MD (International) 
Phi-Nga Jeannie Le, MD (QUARC) 
Richard Moon, MD (Oxygen Therapy Committee) 
Hassan Murad, MD (GRADE Working Group)

Decompression  Illness Adjunctive Therapy Committee 
Richard Moon, M.D.(Co-Chair) 
Frank Butler, M.D.(Co-Chair)
George Beck, M.D. 
Jim Chimiak, M.D. 
Joe Dervay, M.D. 
Andrew Dutka, M.D. 
Simon Mitchell, MB.ChB 
George Wolf, M.D.
Pieter Bothma, MB, ChB, M.Med, FCA (SA)

Tony Alleman, MD

Education Committee
Stacy Rupert, UHMS CME Coordinator
Heather Murphy-Lavoie, MD/ Chair, Emergency Med, Undersea & Hyperbaric Med
Paul J. Sheffield, PhD / Past Chair, Hyperbaric Physiology - Hyperbaric Med
Thomas M. Bozzuto, DO, Emergency Med, Undersea & Hyperbaric Med
Kevin Buford, MD
Timothy A. Emhoff, MD, Trauma Surgery, Hyperbaric Medicine
Jose Evangelista, MD
Joanne Feldman, MD, Emergency Med, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
Helen Gelly, MD, Emergency Med, Hyperbaric Medicine
Ian Grover, MD, Emergency Med; Undersea & Hyperbaric Med
Matt Kelly, MD
John Kirby, MD
Michael J. Harl, MD, Plastic Surgery; Hyperbaric Medicine
Mary Hirsch, RN, MHA, CWS, ACHRN, Hyperbaric Nursing
Stuart Miller, MD, Emergency Med; Undersea & Hyperbaric Med
Owen J. O'Neill, MD, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine
Steve Piper, DO, Emergency Med, Undersea & Hyperbaric Med
Daniel Popa, MD
Marc S. Robins, DO, MPH, Family Practice; Aerospace Med; Hyperbaric Med
Rick Roller, MD, PhD, Aerospace Med, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine
Charlotte Sadler, MD
Dick Sadler, MD
Robert W. Sanders, MD, Emergency Med; Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine
Dag Shapshak, MD, Emergency Med; Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine 
J. Benjamin Slade, MD / Vice Chair, Family Practice, Hyperbaric Medicine 
J. Nicholas Vandemoer, MD
Pete Witucki, MD
Wilbur T. Workman, MS, CHT, Hyperbaric Physiology, Hyperbaric Safety

Subcommittee Enduring Materials:
William P. Butler, MD/Vice Chair End Mat, General Surgery, Hyperbaric Medicine
Tracy LeGros, MD, PhD/ Co-Chair End Mat, Emergency Med, Undersea and Hyperbaric Med
Jayesh B. Shah, MD / Co-Chair End Mat, Internal Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine

Subcommittee Education Methodology:
Suzanne Pack, Education Methodology

Fellow Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Committee
James Holm (Chair)
Bret Stolp
Michael Bennett
Neil Hampson
Simon Mitchell
Harriet Hopf
Lin Weaver

GME Committee
Enoch Huang, Chair
Jake Freiberger
Tracy LeGros
Ben Slade
Michael Richards
Sandra Wainwright
Lisa Gould
Brett Hart
Christian Tomaszewski
Lindsie Cone
Laurie Gesell
James Holm

Quality, Utilization, Authorization and Reimbursement Committee
Caroline Fife, MD, FUHM (Chair)
Helen Gelly, MD, FUHM (Co-Chair)
Marc Robins, DO, MPH (Co-Chair)
Bob Bartlett, MD
Kris Torgerson, RN, MSN, ACHRN
Laurie Gesell, MD, FUHM
Stuart Miller, MD
Phi-Nga Jeannie Le, MD
Donato Borrillo, MD, JD
Ken LeDez, MD
Gloria Miller, CPC, CPMA, CPPM
Arti Masturzo, MD, ABPM/UHM
Lauren Romeo, MD
Tom Bozzuto, DO
Gretchen Dixon, MBA, RN, CCS, CHCO


HBO2 Safety Committee
James Bell, CHT/EMT/CFPS (Chair) 
William (Bill) Gearhart, BS, CHT, EMT, CFPS (Co-Chair)
Richard Barry, BBA , CHT-A
Terry Beard, RN, RRT, CHT, ACHRN ,CHS
Francois Burman, Pr. Eng, BSc (Eng), MSAIME, FSAI
Glen Butler, CHT
Paul L. Claus, M.D. UH
David Lindsie Cone, M.D
Jolene E. Cormier RN, BSN,CHT, EMT, CHRN
Kevin Corson, DMT / CH
William Davison, CH
Sherri Ferguson
Greg Raleigh CHT, RCP
Tom Workman, MS, CAsp, CHT, FAsM
Gene Worth, M.D.,M.Ed.,UHM-ABPM
Tom Schmidt, PE
Andrew R. Melnyczenko, CHT

Expert contributors to the UHMS safety committee
John Freiberger, M.D., MPH
Lindell Weaver, MD

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee
Richard Moon, M.D. (Chair) 
Lindell Weaver, M.D. 
Dirk Bakker, M.D. 
Michael Bennett, M.D. 
Enrico Camporesi, M.D. 
Paul Cianci, M.D. 
James Clark, M.D 
William Dodson, MD
Laurie Gesell, M.D. 
Neil Hampson, M.D. 
Brett Hart, M.D. 
Enoch Huang, MD
Irving Jacoby, M.D.
John Feldmeier, D.O.
Robert Marx, D.D.S.
Richard Roller, MD
Ben Slade, M.D. 
Michael Strauss, M.D. 
Stephen Thom, M.D. 
Keith Van Meter, M.D. 
Wilbur T. Workman, M.S. 
Heather Murphy-Lavoie, MD
William "Buck" Dodson, MD

Material Testing Advisory (Ad Hoc) Committee
Richard C. Barry, BBA, CHT (Chair)
Lindell Weaver, M.D. 
Bradley B. Bailey, M.D.
Brett Hart, M.D. 
Laurie Gesell, M.D. 
Dick Sample, CHT
Tom Workman, CHT
Francois Burman
Robert Sheffield, CHT
James Bell, CHT
Patricia Hudson, RN, BSN, CWCN
Kevan Corson
Laura Josefsen, RN, ACHRN
Susan Becker, RN
Keith Evans (Engineer)
Deepak Talati (Engineer)

Membership Committee 
Nick Bird, MD (Chair) 
Folke Lind, MD
Matthew Kelly, MD
Janet Bello
Tracy LeGros
David Wilkenson
Heather Murphy-Lavoie
Laurie Gesell
AD HOC Members (Chapter President and President-Elects):
Richard Baynosa (PPC)
Ray Barrett (PPC)
Tony Alleman (GCC)
Kip Posey (GCC)
Laurie Gesell (MWC)
Kristen Torgerson (MWC)
Scott Gorenstein (NEC)
Dawn Salka (NEC)

Nick Bird, MD (Chair)
John Feldmeier, DO 
Enrico Camporesi, M.D. 
Richard Moon, M.D., C.M. 
Folke Lind, M.D., Ph.D. 
Stephen Thom, M.D., Ph.D. 

Marvin Heyboer III M.D. (Chair)
Enoch Huang, M.D.
Terri DeJohn M.D. 
Tracy Legros M.D.
Matthew P. Kelly M.D.
Owen J. O'Neill, M.D.

John Kirby, MD (Chair) 
Enrico Camporesi, M.D. 
Richard Moon, M.D. 
Leon Greenbaum Jr, PhD 
James Clark, MD, PhD 
Guy de Lisle Dear, MB FRCA 
Stephen Thom, MD, PhD 
Simon Mitchell, M.D., ChB 
Laurie Gesell, MD 

AMA Liaison
Laurie Gesell, MD 
John Feldmeier, DO (Alternate Delegate)

Richard Vann, Ph.D.