The ORCA Project: Operational Resilience and Cognitive Awareness Livestream

Date: Sunday, May 22
Time: 8am-5:30pm PT (virtual platform: WebEx)

The course will address issues surrounding diving incidents and fatalities.  Discussion of human factors concerns will be a part of the course. 


Date: Sunday, May 22
Time: 8am - 5:30pm PT
Posted: 5/12/2022
Schedule: pdf version

The Problem:  An overview of accident and excess risk:
0800-0815 Welcome/ Introduction to ORCA Jim Chimiak, Dick Sadler, Frauke Tillmans
0815-0840  Lessons in cognitive awareness Dick Sadler
Accidents, Cognition and Safety Interface:
0840-0900 History of Interventions Michael Lang
0900-0930 Diving incident reporting at DAN and the vision of participative learning Frauke Tillmans
0930-0945 BREAK 
Cognitive Psychology vs Cognitive Systems
0945-1015 Using human factors to mitigate risk and improve operational effectiveness LCDR Michael Shipman
The Sharp End:
1015-1045 Operator/Physician lessons for sea, air and land CAPT Henry Casey
1045-1115 The 4 Rs: Recognition-Recovery-Resilience-Right Stuff Michael Gernhardt
1115-1145 USN HRO leadership: The linchpin of safe systems Jon Clark
1145-1230 LUNCH 
Improvement Tools:
1230-1300 Lessons from breath-hold diving Kirk Krack
1300-1330 ORCA dashboard (DD/DABOS/GAR) Jim Chimiak 
LT Josh Fredrick
1330-1345 BREAK 
1345-1415 Navy approach to diving safety CAPT David Regis
1415-1435 Lessons in training safety Karl Shreeves
1435-1455 Lessons in training safety Jeff Seckendorf
1455-1520 Culture of safety Petar Denoble
1520-1550 Lessons from medicine that apply to diving Simon Mitchell
1550-1730 SUMMARY Tillmans, Sadler, Mitchell

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Event Start Date 05-22-2022
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