DAN-UHMS Spring 2019 Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Course


Dates: May 4-11, 2019
Saturdays are included at either end as arrival and outbound travel days.
Location: Little Cayman Beach Resort
Little Cayman
Cayman Islands
Contact: DAN CME
Phone: 800-446-2671 ext 1556
Fax: 919-493-3456
Email : dan.uhms.cme@dan.org
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Jointly sponsored by Divers Alert Network and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, the course is designed primarily for physicians. However, emergency medical personnel, paramedics, nurses and professionals, as well as instructors, divemasters and nonmedical, diving-related personnel with an interest in dive medicine may also find the course valuable.

The program focuses on diving and hyperbaric medicine with emphasis on the latest scientific literature in the field. The course features lectures, case presentations and support materials as well as both formal and informal discussion sessions with faculty.
Through lectures, case presentations, printed support materials, and both formal and informal discussion sessions with the faculty, it is anticipated that attendees completing this course will be able to discuss and clinically apply facts relevant to scheduled topics. Upon completion, course participants should also benefit from a broader understanding of current issues and increased familiarity with recent, relevant scientific literature in diving and hyperbaric medicine. Learning will be reinforced by case reports from the DAN Medical Services Call Center (MSCC) Quality Assurance archives, examples from recent and ongoing diving research, and from the personal experience of the faculty.

At the end of this course attendees should be able to discuss and clinically apply facts relevant to:
• Medical and physical fitness to dive
• Diving safety - issues and current research
• Hyperbaric medicine - applications, protocols and mechanisms
• Decompression physiology and pathophysiology
• Diving injuries and management
• Controversies in diving medicine

Event Properties

Event Start Date 05-04-2019
Event End Date 05-11-2019
Location Little Cayman Beach Resort
Categories UHMS Directly Provided Course
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