Continuing Education Credit (CME/MOC/CEU) Requirements

The below information is a quick reference guide to continuing medical educations credits for the various certifications.  Please be sure to visit the website links for the appropriate certifying organization for full details regarding your (re)certification as this page does not list the full requirements and some of the criteria has been taken out of full context.  This information is subject to change without notice and is your responsibility to follow up on your certification requirements with your certifying organization. 



UHMS Credentialing and Privileging Guidelines for Hyperbaric Medicine Physicians in the U.S.A. Position Statement: Click Here for the full statement

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Reappointment:  Providers seeking reappointment must complete a minimum of twelve (12) hours a year or a total of twenty-four (24) hours of category 1 AMA/AOA PRA CME in hyperbaric medicine-related topics within the preceding two (2) year period. If local requirements or the requirements of certification agencies exceed these standards, the CME requirements of the physician’s certification and privileging agencies should be followed. 
  • To purchase the UHMS Guidelines for Hyperbaric Facility Operations 2nd Edition, please click here:

ABPM UHM Subspecialty maintaining certification requirements:
(taken from ABPM website-breakdown)

  • Part 2A: Earn a minimum of 100 ABPM-approved LLSA credits during each ten-year certification cycle. A complete list of approved LLSA activities is available here.
  • Part 2B: Complete an additional 150 AMA PRA Category 1 credits over the ten-year span of certification
    • Diplomates maintaining certification with another ABMS board may satisfy MOC Part 2B by completing MOC Part 2 requirements of the other ABMS board. More information is available here.
  • Complete a patient safety course in the first two years of each certification cycle.
  • UHM Only: MOC Requirements by Year of Recertification:


NBDHMT Resource Manual (CHT) Page 17:

“Continuing Education Requirements: A minimum of 24 hours of education credits (hours) are required during each re-certification period. At least 12 must be Category A, defined as education and training directly related to the practice of undersea, hyperbaric or hypobaric medicine. Of these 12 credits, at least 9 (75%) must relate to ‘core competency’, namely technical, operational and safety aspects of the hyperbaric/hypobaric delivery system. They may be earned through attendance at meetings and conferences that have received prior-approval from the NBDHMT to award such credits. They may also be obtained through each CHT’s institutional employer who provides periodic knowledge and skills maintenance, and skills updating, likewise approved by the NBDHMT. Online opportunities also exist, including,,, and Retroactive Continuing Education Applications and a sample Continuing Education Log are available at If not all of the 24 hours are Category A, the balance can be made up with Category B credits. These are defined as those programs and courses that provide more generalized information related to allied health care professional knowledge and skills. Examples include BLS and ACLS certification/recertification, clinical practice and compliance updates, emerging technologies, potential new uses, etc.CHT’s who present at meetings where CEU’s are offered are also eligible for credits. For a Poster Presentation two (2) credits are awarded (‘A’ or ‘B’, depending upon the topic). For an Oral Presentation, regardless of length, six (6) ‘A’ or ‘B’ credits are awarded.”

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