• CFA19 

    Thursday, June 27 - Saturday, June 29
    Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico



    IF YOU NEED A WORD COPY of Abstract Submission Form, PLEASE CONTACT

    On behalf of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, the UHMS Program Committee is pleased to announce its call for abstract submission to the 2019 UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting, June 27-June 29, 2019. The meeting will be held at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Puerto Rico Golf & Beach Resort, 6000 Rio Mar Blvd., Rio Grande, PR 00745.


    For your convenience, the formatting and submission guidelines have been reprinted in the below section entitled “Abstract Formatting Guidelines.”  Abstracts should be submitted via the UHMS website at  For those unable to access the UHMS website or having difficulty with the online submission format, additional assistance with the submission process can be obtained by contacting the UHMS home office.  Authors should ensure that all submission requirements are met, as incomplete submissions may be returned for modification or declined.  Deadline for submission is April 1, 2019.  Acknowledgment of receipt will be provided normally within one week. 


    Abstract acceptance is at the full discretion of the UHMS Annual Scientific Program Committee.  Only non-published works at the time of abstract submission will be considered, however, novel analysis/interpretation of published data are acceptable.

    Notification regarding abstract final acceptance will be provided via e-mail no later than April 22, 2019. 

    The presenting author will be required to register and attend the meeting.   

    UHMS is will continue using digital poster presentations in lieu of the traditional cork board and printed posters. All abstracts which have been approved and accepted will be presented in PPT or PDF format and uploaded to the UHMS Poster website.  Instructions for upload, FAQ and templates for poster presentations will be emailed to the presenting author upon acceptance.  This information can be found at the following link, under the “Call for Abstract” section.

    Also at the discretion of the UHMS ASM Program Committee, presenters may be invited to present their abstract orally in the general meeting, resident/trainee competition (if eligible) or the Associates session (if eligible).  Notification regarding selection for oral and poster presentations will be provided no later than Monday, April 22, 2019.


    All abstracts submissions for presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting constitutes consent by the author(s) for the UHMS to use the materials submitted in whole or part as it sees fit.  All abstracts posters (including required PowerPoint/PDF submissions) and oral presentations (including PowerPoint slides) accepted by the UHMS Program Committee for presentation at the Annual Scientific Meeting will be published in the UHMS’ Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal and may be subsequently used and/or published by the Society in various electronic media at the discretion of the UHMS.  Once accepted, no abstract, poster or oral presentation may be withdrawn or excluded from being subject to this agreement.


    • NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE by ASM Program Committee: APRIL 22, 2019.
    • NO CHANGES to an abstract will be accepted after MAY 1, 2019.
    • PDF OF ABSTRACT must be submitted to the UHMS website by JUNE 3, 2019.


    LANGUAGE: All abstracts are to be written in English. The Program Committee reserves the right to alter abstracts where the English structure makes comprehension difficult.


    • Must be 300 words or less, exclusive of title, author(s) names, and institutional affiliation(s). See examples at end of this document.
    • All submissions should be in Microsoft Word format
    • Only text and text tables will be accepted. No references, graphs or images may be submitted. References, graphs and images may be included on your poster submission.
    • Contents should include the following sections – please use these exact terms for uniformity:
      • Introduction / Background
      • Materials and Methods
      • Results
      • Summary / Conclusions
    • One question / Must be specific to your abstract/final poster presentation (The Q/A will be used for Evaluation of the participants for CME/Maintenance of Certification Credits (MOC) at the UHMS Online CME Portal). 


    You will specify one of the following categories, A thru E, that best characterizes your presentation:

    • Session A (Thurs): Diving/Decompression Illness: Theory & Mechanisms
    • Session B (Thurs): HBO2 Therapy Mechanisms
    • Session C (Fri): Diving and Decompression Illness
    • Session D (Fri): Clinical HBO2 Therapy
    • Session E (Sat): HBO2 Operations, Chambers and Equipment
    • Session F (Sat): Top Case Reports: This session will be composed of case reports submitted for Sessions A thru E.

    If you would like some additional background about writing abstracts, we have found a very good source at the website of the American College of Physicians:

    There you’ll find suggestions on determining whether your idea merits and abstract presentation by posing questions such as: Is this experience useful? Did we learn something from it? Does it cover an unusual aspect of an illness or suggest a novel method of treatment?

    There’s much more included in the ACP link to help you compose your abstract within the parameters of introduction/background, materials/methods, results and summary/conclusions.

    Remember to take your time in writing your abstract; then take a day off. Share it with your colleagues. Often you’ll receive good suggestions in refining your presentation. When you come back to draft your final version, you’ll have a fresh perspective.



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  • UHMS has advanced into the future of digital poster presentations. No long will you need to print or tote your poster to the Annual Scientific Meeting!  


    How to upload your poster to the UHMS website (pdf)


    • Collect your files: Be sure to include your poster file, as well as any video files, as videos sometimes do not embed properly. Your file should be saved as “your abstract#.lastname.v1” (A1.Tidd.v1) in a PPTX file (Microsoft Power Point) or a PDF file.
    • If your files is an update from version 1, please be sure to add the version at the end of your file (A1.Tidd.v2).
    • To upload your poster, go to the following link:
    • You should be using the latest version of the Internet browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome or
    • In the “special instructions” section, please include any information that the UHMS program committee staff will need to know regarding your
    • If you have already submitted a poster, and this is an update, please specify that in the “special instructions” text
    • Upload all of your files, including videos, with the upload button. Note the maximum size for an upload is 100MB. If your files are greater than 100MBs, contact us at and we will work with you directly to upload your
    • When the upload completes, you will see a submission confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirmation (within 15 minutes). If you don’t see either confirmation, try
    • For any questions or problems, please contact us at: or 919-490-5140 x 101.

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  • Instructions for Electronic Poster Presentions 


    How to upload your poster to the UHMS website (pdf)
    Poster Formatting Guidelines (pdf)
    Template 1 (ppt)
    Template 2 (ppt)
    Template 3 (ppt) - has video-to view as attendees will, go to "slideshow" to view


    Poster Formatting Guidelines

    IMPORTANT: Due to difference in operating system standards and character sets, mathematical formulas created in Windows often do not display correctly on MAC OS, even in PowerPoint. Please convert formulas to images.

    General Guidelines:

    • Recommended fonts: Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman
    • Recommended font size: any large size font as long as it fits the slide/poster ratios below.
    • Slide/Poster size: 40.97x23.04 - you will need to create as a "custom size"
    • Single or multiple pages slides/may be used for poster (max 5 Slides)
    • Multiple slides/pages should be used if additional content such as images, graphs and videos need to be displayed on your poster.
    • Videos, graphs and images can be embedded into your poster. No more than 5 minutes of videos should be included in your presentation.
    • Embedded video may be displayed in the following formats:
      • .mp4 files and .mov files encoded with the H264 codec
    • The poster layout should be landscape orientation.
    • Poster PPT templates are available for download above.
    • Any presentations with embedded videos should be saved as a PPTX file and the video files should be submitted along with the presentation

    Kiosk Guidelines

    Your poster sessions will be done in Kiosk Mode.  Kiosk mode means that we receive the presentation ahead of time, then combine multiple presentations into a single presentation with a menu and navigation buttons.  This ensures that it’s easy to swap between different posters that are on the same screen.  There are some things to consider:

    • We will disable the ‘click to advance’ feature, and instead place navigation buttons in the upper-right corner of the presentation.
    • Please ensure that your poster is the correct size.  If not, it will be forced into the correct size, and the poster may be distorted.

    Making the Most of Your Presentation

    Posters offer a very flexible format, and there are several methods you can use to optimize your presentation.  The goal of your presentation should always be readability.  You are no longer constrained to a single-page poster, so if you have a lot of information, it’s a good idea to split it up across multiple pages. You may than 5 slides.  You will have 30 minutes to present your poster. There are a few key methods that can be used in conjunction with multiple pages to make your presentation interactive and flexible.


    Videos can be used to add animation and content density to a presentation.  Consider the following use cases:

    • Show a rotating molecule or some other scientific model
    • Make a looping video of multiple tables or charts
    • Show a video of your work in progress
    • You may embed a link to a youtube or other Internet video, which will launch in a browser.

    NOTE: No more than 5 minutes of videos to be included in your presentation.


    Qr Tag Creation

    If you wish to include a QR tag in your poster with embedded information, you can easily find a free website to create one.  These sites take text input, and generate a QR tag image that you can download and import into your presentation.

    Here are a few website that we have used:

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    Associates Achievement Recognition Scholarship




    The scholarship fund is sponsored by Sechrist Industries & WECP.

    Purpose:  The $2,000.00 scholarship is intended to assist the recipient to be able to attend and present an abstract at the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).


    1. The applicant must be a current Associate member in good standing of the UHMS Associates.
    2. The applicant must submit this application with resume and color photograph via email.
    3. The applicant must submit an abstract to the UHMS Scientific Committee by the deadline, be accepted by the UHMS Scientific Committee and present the abstract (poster and/or oral) at the ASM for that year.
    4. The complete scholarship application packet must be received no later than noon Eastern Time (ET) of the established deadline date which is 60 days prior to the ASM of that calendar year; no exceptions. The packet must be submitted electronically.
    5. If selected, the scholarship recipient grants permission to the UHMS to post his or her biographical sketch and photograph on the UHMS webpage.
    6. The applicant agrees to pay the difference for all fees associated with attending the ASM that exceed the $2,000.00 scholarship. This may include transportation, poster, food, lodging, and registration.

    Selection Criteria:

    1. Be relatively new to the field, and who has already shown great promise (enthusiastic and self-motivated, who has obviously spent non-compensated time furthering their knowledge-base).  Preference will be given to those who have made "significant" contributions (published a pertinent article, assisted in the creation of the standards for hyperbaric staffing and patient care, acted as faculty for related training programs, etc.), or;
    2. Has been employed in the field of diving/hyperbaric medicine/technology for some time and has yet to attend the ASM (the reason being lack of financial means rather than lack of interest).  It would be considered that the early opportunity to attend the meeting might further motivate and stimulate this individual to achieve administrative and clinical advancement, or;
    3. A long-standing member who has worked tirelessly, and without expectation, to further the missions of the UHMS and to advance the field.

    Selection Process:

    Applications must be signed off by the applicant’s supervisor assuring approval for time-off to attend the ASM. Only complete application packets with abstracts attached will be accepted for consideration. The deadline for submitting the application packet is noon ET, April 29, prior to the ASM of that calendar year.


    The justification statement on the application form must include how the applicant fulfills the selection criteria (stated above).  Application packets must be emailed to Stacy Handley of the UHMS Awards  Subject line: ‘Achievement Recognition Scholarship Application’. All applications will be screened for validity under the Requirements and Selection Criteria. Partially completed applications will not be accepted for consideration. The UHMS Associates Scholarship Committee will review all approved application packets and vote for the scholarship recipient.  The recipient will be notified within 30 days of the deadline submission. Formal announcement will be made in ‘Pressure’ and via the UHMS E-Blast. The recipient will also be mentioned in the program at the UHMS Annual Meeting awards dinner.  A photograph and bio of the recipient will be posted on the UHMS webpage.

    If the recipient fails to follow through with the obligation to submit and present (poster and/or oral) an abstract and/or attend that year’s annual scientific meeting, then the scholarship money paid to recipient is to be paid back in full to the UHMS within 14 days following the ASM.

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    IF YOU NEED A WORD COPY of Abstract Submission Form, PLEASE CONTACT

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