Upload your oral and poster presentation to the UHMS website

UHMS has advanced into the future of digital poster presentations. No long will you need to print or tote your poster to the Annual Scientific Meeting!  


How to upload your poster to the UHMS website (pdf)


  • Collect your files: Be sure to include your poster file, as well as any video files, as videos sometimes do not embed properly. Your file should be saved as “your abstract#_lastname_v1” (A1_Tidd_v1) in a PPT or PPTX file (Microsoft Power Point) or a PDF file.
  • If your files is an update from version 1, please be sure to add the version at the end of your file (A1_Tidd_v2). 
  • Please also designate if an oral or poster in the "special instructions."
  • To upload your oral and your poster presentations, go to the following link: https://www.uhms.org/index.php?option=com_rsform&view=rsform&formId=21
  • You should be using the latest version of the Internet browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome or
  • In the “special instructions” section, please include any information that the UHMS program committee staff will need to know regarding your abstract
  • Upload all of your files, including videos, with the upload button. Note the maximum size for an upload is 100MB. If your files are greater than 100MBs, contact us at uhms@uhms.org and we will work with you directly to upload your
  • When the upload completes, you will see a submission confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirmation (within 15 minutes). If you don’t see either confirmation, contact us. 
  • For any questions or problems, please contact us at: uhms@uhms.org or 919-490-5140 x 101.