FAQ's about the virtual Annual Scientific Meeting

  1. What if I have to step away from the virtual live-streaming and miss part of the program?

    As an accredited CME/CEU educational program, you are only allowed to claim continuing education credit for faculty to participant time where you are engaged and participating directly in the educational program. If you need to step away for long periods of time (outside of breaks/lunch), you have the option to receive partial credit for the sessions that you attend in the live stream when you claim your hours earned by submitting an evaluation upon completion for the program.

  2. Will I have access to the video lectures at a later time?

    If you register for the virtual live stream, you will be able to watch the lectures in real-time on the days of the meeting only. You will not have access to raw or edited video footage outside of the virtual presentations during their schedule time with your registration. You will receive access to a password protected pdf of the lectures for your registered meeting days and pre-courses (if applicable).

  3. What if I have other commitments during the live stream, but I am interested to participate in this meeting?

    Both pre-courses and the UHMS ASM general session will be video recorded and posted at the UHMS Online CME Portal as an enduring material. We expect the programs to be posted within 6-8 weeks of the conference as we must submit for CME/CEU credit as well as go through an editing process of the raw footage (July/early August). I highly recommend if you wish to participate in the general session or pre-courses but might have conflicts to wait for the enduring material to post and register for the program.

  4. Will there be a difference with the live-stream meeting versus the enduring material?

    The registration fees will be the same for the virtual pre-courses and ASM general session to match the enduring material. However, UHMS Members will be able to use their 3 free continuing education credits for this program if they haven’t used their code already. This is a membership benefit and a one-time use code only.

    Also, the enduring material will allow you access to the material for up to three years as long as it is posted, and you can work around your schedule in a comfortable educational setting of your choice.

  5. What if I miss portions of the virtual live stream, can I just view those lectures when they go online as an enduring material?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a blended system. The virtual live stream will allow full to partial credit for your participation. However, the enduring material programs are posted as a full program and only offer full credit without an option for partial credit by viewing certain lectures. You will not be allowed to double-dip continuing education credit for the same program, even though it is presented in two different formats. If you want to register for the live-stream and the enduring material later on to have full access, you are welcome to do that, but please know your credentialing agency will only accept one of the CME/CEU certificates and you will also be paying registration for each program you wish to participate in.