Wound Care for the Hyperbaric Provider

The course will address wound care procedures within the hyperbaric setting.  Such as diabetic foot ulcers, lymphedema, debridement and dressings.  The course will include panel discussion and some hands-on instruction for casting and wrapping.


Date: Sunday, May 22
Time: 8am-5pm
Posted:  4/5/2022
Schedule: pdf version

0800-0810 Welcome / Intro  
0810-0900 That Pesky Wound: Whatcha’ Gonna Do About It? Andrew Moffat, MD
0900-0950 Infectious Disease lecture Todd Vento, MD
0950-1000 Break  
1000-1050 CY 2022 Coding/ Billing / Documentation Requirements for: Wound Care & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Services

Michael J. Crouch, CHT, CPC, CPMA

1050-1140 Vascular procedures John Kirby, MD
1140-1200 Panel  
1200-1300 Lunch  
1300-1350 Offloading Clint Larson, MD
1350-1445 Lymphedema and Wound Care: Synergies, Pitfalls and Pearls for Success Susie Ehmann
1445-1500 Break  
1500-1700 Hands-on: casting/wraps/offloading  

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