Cardiopulmonary Considerations for Divers Recovered from COVID-19 Infections


Wednesday, June 9

Program Director: Jim Chimiak, MD  

Cardiopulmonary issues have been recognized as important factors in both diving injuries and fatalities. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the entire world. There has been considerable concern raised regarding the long-term consequences to anyone who has recovered from the acute infection. Impact to all organ systems have been reported. This workshop will primarily focus on cardiopulmonary issues since they may have the largest potential negative impact on a recovered diver’s health. Vascular and neuro/psychological issues will also be presented. This workshop intends to review these issues in the context of current fitness recommendations and apply them if appropriate or modify if necessary.  An update on DAN’s Diving Return After Covid (DRACO) study will be delivered. A review of current recommendations and then a consensus will be sought.

SCHEDULE coming soon