Cardiopulmonary Considerations for Divers Recovered from COVID-19 Infections


Wednesday, June 9

Program Directors: Jim Chimiak, MD and Richard Moon, MD

This workshop will present the relevant aspects of recovery after COVID-19 infection and discuss relevant aspects of the Post COVID-19 Syndrome (PCS), with particular attention to issues that can affect a diver’s safety. Although issues involving a variety of organ systems, this workshop will primarily focus on cardiopulmonary concerns to include pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary oxygen toxicity, gas exchange, shunting, cardiac dysrhythmia, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, neuro-psych issues, and vascular injury. The intended goal is to examine current algorithms and make modifications with the most recent scientific findings related to this significant health concern. Presentations will focus on the post infection sequalae with brief reference to prevention and acute management when needed for deeper understanding of PCS. The goal is to develop safe, cost effective recommendations for divers returning to diving after a COVID-19 infection that includes the extremes of age and severity of illness. The identification of available screening tools, readily available to the primary care physician is important given the large numbers of those infected worldwide and the need to wisely utilize finite diagnostic resources.  

Posted: 4/12/2021 (subject to change)

0800-0820 Introduction/Goals Jim Chimiak, MD
Richard Moon, MD
0820-0910 COVID 19 overview Bryan Kraft, MD
0910-0940 Imaging Considerations Peter Lindholm, MD, PhD
0940-0950 BREAK
0950-1020 SOB and Fatigue Michael Ott, MD
1020-1110 Pulmonary Implication for Divers Richard Moon, MD
1110-1140 Neuro-Psych Lindell Weaver, MD
1140-1220 LUNCH (on own)
1220-1310 Cardiac concerns, return to play Matthew Martinez, MD
1310-1400 Cardiac implication for divers Douglas Ebersole, MD
1400-1410 BREAK
1410-1500 Vascular injury implications for deco and VGE David Eckmann, MD
1500-1530 DRACO study update Frauke Tillmans, PhD
1530-1600 Diving after COVID-19 UCSD algorithm Charlotte Sadler, MD
1600-1630 Summary/consensus Jim Chimiak, MD
Richard Moon, MD