Thursday, June 18




Nicholas Bird, MD, FUHM

BirdNicholas WEB NEW
: Provide an overview of activities, plans, and outcomes from initiatives carried out by UHMS home office, officers and committees. 


  • Name two of the position statements published in the last year.
  • Describe what the UHMS has done to improve its editorial review process

About Dr. Bird: 

Dr. Nicholas Bird is a regional medical director for Duke Urgent Care and is board-certified in both family medicine and undersea and hyperbaric medicine. He splits his time between clinical practice and administrative responsibilities, and has a passion for improving health care delivery to optimize patient access, education and outcomes. Prior to joining the Duke medical staff, he was the chief medical officer and CEO of Divers Alert Network and an internationally recognized expert on diving injuries, accidents and medical treatment. Outside of work, he enjoy traveling, and diving the warm waters of the world. He has been a PADI SCUBA instructor for more than 25 years. He also enjoys reading Clive Cussler novels, cooking and golfing, when time permits. He lives in Durham, NC with his wife, Kim. They have three children, a grandson, and a crazy Jack Russell terrier.