2014 UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting Program & Abstracts: CD

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** CD of Meeting **

2014 UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting

Program & Abstracts
JUNE 19-20, 2014
St. Louis, MO


General Session: Thursday, June 19
Plenary Session: Update on Clinical Practice Guidelines in Hyperbaric Medicine Enoch Huang, MD, FUHM &
Jaleh Mansouri, MD
SESSION A: Diving/Decompression Illness: Theory & Mechanisms
A1 Exhaled Nitric Oxide Following Repeated 6-Hour Immersed Exercise Dives At 1.35 Atm Fothergill DM, Florian JP, Shykoff BE
A2 Gas Pressures Associated With Diving Trigger Microparticle Production By Neutrophils Thom SR, Bhopale VM, Yang M
A3 WITHDREW: Antioxidant Status In Rats Following Simulated Saturation Diving Yang T, Fang Yq, Li C, Huang Zq, He J, Chen HT
A4 The Effects Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Applied For One And Five Days On Blood Brain Barrier Permeability In Rats Tatar S, Arican N, Orhan N, Yılmaz CU, Ahishali B, Kaya M, Toklu AS 
A5 HBO2-Triggered Baroreflex: Mechanisms, Pathways, Benefits And Limitations Demchenko IT, Gasier H, Allen BW, Piantadosi CA
A6 NAVSEA 2 Cognitive Testing At HIGH Workload Levels Improves Performance Discrimination On The Multi-Attribute Task Battery-II Viola JH, Derrick BJ, Cobb T, Natoli MJ, Schinazi EA, Martina SD, Qin M, Medford M, Scafetta N, Moon RE, Freiberger JJ
A7 NAVSEA 1 Measurement Of Nitrogen And Hypercapnic Narcosis Using NASA's MATBII Software Derrick BJ, Cobb T, Natoli MJ, Schinazi EA, Martina SD, Qin M, Viola JH, Medford M, Scafetta N, Moon RE, Freiberger JJ
A8 WITHDREW: How Could Diver's Pre-Existing Micro-Bubbles Be Stabilized? Imbert JP, Egi SM
A9 Perfusion-Diffusion Gas Content Compartmental Models As A Precitor Of Decompression Sickness Murphy FG, Hada EA, Doolette DJ, Howle LE
A10 Depth Scaling Of Several Gas Super-Saturation Decompression Models Hada EA, Howle LE, Murphy FG
A11 WITHDREW: Decompression Models: Review, Relevance And Validation Capabilities Hugon JH
A12 Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditions On Spinal Neurons Against Injuries Via Up-Regulation Of Heat Shock Protein 32 Huang G, He CY, Xu JJ, Xu WG
KEYNOTE: Lambertsen Lecture: To the Very Depths Peter Bennett, PhD, DSc, FUHM
SESSION B: HBO2 Therapy Mechanisms
B13 CD34+/CD45-Dim Stem Cell Mobilization By Hyperbaric Oxygen Changes With Oxygen Dosage Heyboer M, Milovanova TN, Wojcik S, Grant W, Chin M, Hardy KR, Lambert DS, Logue C, Thom SR
B14 Nrf2 Activation In Astrocytes Contributes To Spinal Cord Ischemic Tolerance Induced By Hyperbaric Oxygen Preconditioning Xu J, Huang G, Zhang K, Sun J, Xu T, Li R, Tao H, Xu W
B15 Clonidine Does Not Prevent Pulmonary Injury In Conscious Rats Exposed To Hyperbaric Oxygen Gasier HG, Demchenko IT, Piantadosi CA
B16 The Toxic Effects Of Hyperbaric Oxygen In
S-Nitrosoglutathione Reductase Null Mice
Gasier HG, Demchenko IT,  Kraft BD, Suliman HB, Piantadosi CA
B17 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Increases Insulin Sensitivity In Overweight Men With And Without Type 2 Diabetes Wilkinson DC, Nolting M, Mahadi MK, Chapman IM, Heilbronn LK
B18 Alternative Activation Of Anti-Inflammatory Macrophages In The Lung By Hyperbaric Oxygen During S.Aureus Sepsis In Mice Medford MA, Kraft BD, Ulrich AM, Suliman HB, Piantadosi CA
B19 The Temporally Specific Application Of HBOT During Digit Regeneration Sammarco MC, Simkin J, Lacey M, Van Meter K, Muneoka K
B20 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy And Closed Irrigation With Ozone Nano-Bubble Water For Bone And Joint Infection Kawashima M, Kawashima M, Tamura H, Takao K, Yamaguchi T, Miyata K
B21 Hydroxocobalamin And Ascorbic Acid Mixture (B12r): A Potential Adjuvant Therapy In The Setting Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Roderique J, Guerry C, Somera L, Josef C, Newcomb A, Terner J, Reynolds P, Spiess B
B22 WITHDREW: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Ocular Disease Boone W, Wicker R
B23 A Tale Of Audiograms: Improvement Of Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss In A Patient With Pre-Existing Hearing Loss Viola JH, Moffat AD, Piantadosi CA
B24 Flap Preconditioning With Adipose Derived Stem Cells And Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: A Guinea Pig Model Hayes S, Gaid N, Tenenhaus M, Grover I
B25 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For An Air Embolism From An Atrial-Esophageal Fistula Teegarden B, Freiberger JJ
Plenary Session: The Placebo Effect & Hyperbaric Medicine Michael Bennett, MD, FUHM
General Session: Friday, June 20: 8am-5pm                                                    
SESSION C: Clinical HBO2 and Wound Healing
C26 Progress Of The Brain Injury And Mechanisms Of Action Of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) For Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (BIMA) Study Weaver LW, Chhoeu A, Lindblad AS, Churchill S, Wilson SH
C27 Neurological Evaluations Within The Brain Injury And Mechanisms Of Action Of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) For Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Study (BIMA) Williams C, Weaver LW, Lindblad AS, Wierzbicki MR, Langford D
C28 Characterization Of Baseline EEG Abnormalities In The Brain Injury And Mechanisms Of Action Of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) For Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) Study (BIMA) Spitz M, Williams C, Foley JF, Weaver LW, Lindblad AS, Wierzbicki MR
C29 A Composite Outcome Measure For Mild Traumatic Brain Injury In A Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinical Trial Churchill S, Miller RS, Deru K, Weaver LK
C30 Procedural Reaction Time (Anam) For Mild Traumatic Brain Injury In A Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinical Trial Churchill S, Miller RS, Deru K, Weaver LK
C31 The Effect Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment On Resting State Networks Allen M, Shimony JS, Davidson JA, Benzaquen M, Rutlin J, Leuthardt E, Ances B, Benzinger T, Brier M, Davidson JD
C32 Phase 2 Clinical Trial Using Hyperbaric Oxygen, Radiation And Chemotherapy For Glioblastoma Treatment Duic JP,  Grewal J, Gorenstein S, Haas J, Demaria T, Tessler L, Rak R, Almaliah M, McConie K, Prabhu RK, Trojanowski J, Namoca M
C33 TNF-Alpha As A Biomarker For Neurological Severity In Acute Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Vezzani G, Abbati E, Caberti L, Cantadori L, Galli E,  Manelli D, Mordacci M, Reverberi C, Spigolon A, Malpeli M,  Dazzi D, Pizzola A, Mangar D, Camporesi EM
C34 Outcome, Cost And Mortality In Wagner Grade 3 Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) Patients Completing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Eggert J, Worth ER, VanGils C
C35 Glycosylated Hemoglobin And Hyperbaric Oxygen-Related Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing Moffat AD, Worth ER, Weaver LK
C36 Delayed Visual Disturbances In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Identification And Evaluation Stabile J, Weaver LK, Deru K, Price R
C37 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning May Produce Long Term Electroencephalographic Abnormalities Consistent With Permanent Cerebral Network Dysfunction Moffat AD, Foley JF, Deru K, Weaver LK
C38 Epidemiology Of Accidental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Portable Electrical Generators:  A Nationwide Series Of 264 Cases Hampson NB, Dunn SL, and Members of the UHMS Carbon Monoxide Surveillance Program
C39 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Levels Measured During 13 Days of Travel in Vietnam and 13 Days in the United States Hampson NB, Courtney TG, Holm JR
C40 Morbidity & Mortality In Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (Nstis): Hyperbaric Oxygen Versus Standard Therapy In Two Urban Hospitals Walter J, Westgard B
C41 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Compartment Syndrome Kosugi K, Yamaguchi T, Miyata K, Takao K, Tamura H, Kawashima M, Kawashima M
C42 HBO Treatment Outcomes From Patients With Brain Radionecrosis Following Stereotatic Radiosurgery Ptak J, Hartford A, Buckey J
C43 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Prevention Of Sickle Cell Vaso-Occlusive Episodes Chambers P, Heyboer M, Jennings S, Mariani P, Morgan M, Sills R, Elfar M, Santiago W
C44 Hyperbaric Oxygen For Avascular Necrosis Of The Femoral Head: A Case Study Martin C, Morgan M, Santiago W, Jennings S, Mariani P, Heyboer M
C45 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment For Post-Radiation Central Nervous System Injury: A Retrospective Case Series Valadão J, Pearl J, Verma S, Helms A, Whelan HT
C46 Compromised Breast Flap Treated With Leech Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Topical Nitroglycerin And Pentoxifylline Moffat AD, Weaver LK, Tettelbach WH
C47 HBOT For Delayed-Radiation Injury Secondary To Fluoroscopy In Patient With A Non-Healing Back Wound Clark SS
C48 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments For Improving Stump Salvage After Above The Knee Amputation In Patients With Severe Unreconstructable Vascular Disease Ptak J, Walsh D, Buckey J
C49 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Matters For Diabetic Foot Ulcers Lo T, Song C, Clevenger S,  Bland D
C50 Retrospective Case Series Of Patients With Radiation Induced Optic Neuropathy Treated With Hyperbaric Oxygen</