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Hyperbaric Oxygen Review

Hyperbaric Oxygen Review (1980 to 1985) 

Prepared by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Inc and Published quarterly and copyright by Plenum Publishing Corporation. These articles are not indexed by the NLM. 

"Hyperbaric Oxygen Review is principally an abstract journal that also contains feature articles. This review provides abstracts of both animal research and clinical applications of hyperbaric oxygen collected by search of scientific literature citations and by direct receipt of published reports. Abstracts are also provided dealing with oxygen toxicity and related areas, such as oxygen effects on body metabolism and protectants against oxygen toxicity. This Review should enable medical practitioners and other health professionals in the field of hyperbaric medicine to search for topics of interest and to keep abreast of current scientific research in this specific area. 

The searching, collecting, abstracting, and keywording of the material in this Review are made possible by grants from the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc and the National Library of Medicine, and by a contract with the US Department of Energy. 

All abstracts published in this journal are those of the author unless followed by initials." –quoted from the journal description. 

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