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Underwater Medicine and Related Sciences: A Guide to the Literature

This is an annotated bibliography, key word index, and micro-thesaurus, edited by Dr. Charles W. Schilling (1901 – 1994). Dr. Shilling joined the Navy upon completing medical school at the University of Michigan Medical School in 1927. His distinguished career started with an investigation into the deaths of the crew aboard a sunken submarine and continued on to help with the design of the Momsen Lung and McCann Rescue Bell. At the Experimental Diving Unit in 1933 (located in Washington, DC at the time), he was active in pioneering research on decompression sickness and decompression procedures. Dr. Shilling organized and directed the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory in Grotton, CT during World War II. Dr. Shilling was a retired Captain MC, USN in 1973 when he took the position as Executive Secretary of the Undersea Medical Society (now the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) where he served until 1987.

Volume One - Charles W Shilling and Margaret F Werts (eds), Plenum Publishers.
Volume Two - Margaret F Werts and Charles W Shilling (eds).
Volume Three - Margaret F Werts and Charles W Shilling (eds).
Volume Four - Margaret F Werts and Charles W Shilling (eds).
Volume Five - Charles W Shilling, Lyn E Teven, and Margaret F Werts (eds).
Volume Six - Charles W Shilling and Lyn E Teven (eds).

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