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Job Title: Lead Hyperbaric Technician

  • Job ID #: 271
  • Company: OxyHeal Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Category: Job Opportunities
  • City: Portland
  • Location: Oregon
  • Yearly Salary: Not Specified
  • Job Description: Position Title: Lead Hyperbaric Technician

    Position Summary: Supervises daily hyperbaric treatment operations with emphasis on patient and employee safety. Medical Center treats inpatient and out patients which includes 24/7 emergency call system.

    - Responsible for all aspects of daily operations of the program and accountable to the Center Manager and Program Medical Director.
    - Directly responsible to Center Manager and liaison between employer and hospital.
    - Responsible for overall services performed by staff for the Hyperbaric Program.
    - Responsible for the safe operation of the Hyperbaric Program.
    - Responsible for following, reviewing, revising and conducting maintenance in accordance with the Hyperbaric System Maintenance Plan.
    - Responsible for all administrative duties required by employer home office (payroll, financial and technical report submittals)
    - Responsible for assisting hospital completing hyperbaric treatment documentation for proper billing and collections.
    - Works with the facilities engineering department in regards to hyperbaric safety.
    - Responsible for the education, implementation of policies, procedures, protocols and operations manuals for the Hyperbaric Program.
    - Must possess working knowledge of Joint Commissions hyperbaric department requirements.
    - Must assist hospital in education and uses of hyperbaric medicine and present formal clinical presentations to all referrals sources.

    Minimum Educational Requirements: Associate Degree in underwater technology or equivalent civilian/military diving, hyperbaric medicine or health care related program. Current Basic Life Support Certificate, Current certification by National Board of diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology or Certified Hyperbaric Specialist/Certified Hyperbaric Wound Specialist

    Experience: Minimum of 5 years in the field of health care management, hyperbaric, diving or equivalent military experience

    Skills: Must be able to serve as a chamber operator or inside observer as needed. Should have strong computer skills. Should attend the Hyperbaric Safety Director basic and advanced courses.

    Working Requirements: Must be able to work in confined and uncomfortable spaces for short periods of time. Hours are dependent upon patient load. Must pass annual dive physical.

    Job Type: Full-time

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