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Hyperbaric Tech and NP in new private central IN facility



Private, two chamber Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic in Carmel, Indiana, looking for Hyperbaric Technician and Nurse Practitioner for part-time immediate work. Performs a variety of functions and technical procedures necessary for the care of patients receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Salary commensurate with experience.

• General duties for NP: obtains, documents, and updates medical history. Identifies health risks and needs. Performs physical examinations and conducts preventive screening procedures. Formulates a plan of care based on history, physical examination, and clinical findings. Applies evidence-based practices. Complies with all standards of care. Consults and coordinates care with the Medical Director, referring physicians, and case managers; works independently. Prescribes pharmacological therapies as needed. Determines effectiveness of the plan of care; reesses and modifies plan of care as necessary to achieve goals. Includes general duties for hyperbaric tech.

• General duties for Tech: Educates patients about HBOT and orients them for the experience. Safely operates and attends the hyperbaric chamber sessions. Maintains current level of knowledge relative to professional practice. Maintains all required professional documentation, such as license and certifications. Understands and complies with HIPAA requirements.

Qualifications: Current license to practice in the State of Indiana.

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Company Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic
Job Title HBO Technician and NP

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