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  • Hyperbaric Practice (Detroit)

    Listed On: November 30, 12:37 pm
    Hyperbaric practice for sale in Michigan. Well established practice with very good referral s ource established for many years.
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  • Monoplace & Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber Maintenance and Repair Services (Alexandria, VA)

    Listed On: March 17, 1:08 pm
    Reimers service professionals are trained and have many years of experience in performing preventative and corrective maintenance on multiple brands; we are able to perform maintenance on different...
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  • Convergent technical and engineering consulting (St. Anthony)

    Listed On: December 29, 3:14 pm
    Convergent is a comprehensive consulting service with experienced consultants who provide technical and engineering expertise for new and existing hyperbaric facilities. Our goal is to provide...
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  • Matrix Health Services (Madisonville)

    Listed On: May 31, 1:06 pm
    Matrix provides consulting and management services for all aspects of wound care and hyperbaric medicine service lines. Give us a call to create the ideal arrangement for your facility!
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  • Biostatistical Consulting ()

    Listed On: March 6, 7:12 am
    Statistical Support for research, regulatory submissions, publications, presentations, organization databases
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  • Hyperbaric Chamber Maintenance & Repair (Knoxville)

    Listed On: January 28, 11:33 pm
    Baro-Serv is dedicated to providing outstanding technical services, specializing in the service of all models of Sechrist™ and Perry™ Monoplace HBOT chambers, our highly qualified technical...
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  • Recruiting Services (Open positions throughout the US)

    Listed On: February 17, 10:28 am
    We have Medical Director positions open throughout the US.
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  • Hyperbaric Consulting LLC ()

    Listed On: December 10, 2:25 pm
    Please visit our website:
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