UHMS Business Meeting Update June 2020: Our current state and where we are headed
by: Nick Bird, MD, Laurie Gesell, MD, John Peters, FACHE, Bradley Walker, RN and Philip Schell, CHT

(updated: 03/05/2021)

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Recreational Diving Medical Screening System

In 2020, the international Diver Medical Screen Committee (DMSC) released a new diver medical screening system and guidance to the physician.

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) is an international non-profit organization serving members from more than 35 countries. The UHMS is the primary source of scientific information for diving and hyperbaric medicine physiology worldwide.

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UHMS Accreditation means that your facility has met the highest standards of care and patient safety through our rigorous evaluation of the adequacy of your facility, equipment, staff and training to ensure that the utmost quality is maintained within our specialty.


The Continuing Medical Education mission of UHMS is to develop and promote evidence-based educational activities that improve the scientific knowledge, competence and/or performance within the scope of undersea and hyperbaric medicine, including wound healing.

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MEDFAQs is the UHMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system. This system is a benefit of UHMS membership. Non-members can see the categories of questions we have, plus all questions and answers in the Safety category. Members will be able to see all of the questions, as well submit new questions.

QUARC's mission is to promote quality of care in hyperbaric medicine practice and ensure patient access to hyperbaric services through effective advocacy in the regulatory, public policy and legislative arenas. The QUARC webpage is designed to provide the most up-to-date information on regulatory, public policy and legislative issues facing our membership and field.

To provide the funding necessary to enhance the UHMS's mission.

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