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Welcome to MEDFAQs the UHMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system.
This system is a benefit of UHMS membership. Non-members can see all of the Safety/Technical MEDFAQs, as well as all of the categories of questions we have, plus a few sample questions in the other categories. Members will be able to see all of the questions, as well submit new questions. Members will need to log into the website to access all the questions or submit new ones.

Please Note - Submitted questions are not answered in real-time. Answers may be edited for generality and content. Not all questions may generate a specific answer.

Choose a category below to read FAQs within that category. You can use the search box to the right to search for a topic. If you don't find a FAQ that answers your question, you can use the New Question button on the right to ask your question. Please search for a topic first to see if it has been already answered. Submitted questions will not be answered for 48 to 72 hours.

Disclaimer – Neither the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society staff nor its members are able to provide medical diagnosis over the internet. If you have medical concerns about any condition, you need to be evaluated by a doctor licensed to practice medicine in your locale, who can provide you professional recommendations based upon your condition. Information provided on this forum is for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your own health care practitioner and you should not rely upon it as though it were specific medical advice given to you personally.

Questions pertaining to safety and technical information. Open to the public.

Questions pertaining to Reimbursement, Payment, & Utilization

Questions pertaining to credentialing

Questions pertaining to quality assurance and accreditation

Questions pertaining to membership

Questions pertaining to education

Questions pertaining to publications

Questions pertaining to medical or patient care

General questions that don't fit in one of the other topics