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Fellowship training in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine recognizes special commitment and expertise in Undersea and/or Hyperbaric Medicine. In the United States, those eligible for Fellowship training must be Board Certified in ‘a specialty’ sanctioned by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and must be in active practice in undersea and/or hyperbaric medicine.  Following graduate medical training, physicians and medical specialists can identify themselves as board eligible. They have three to seven years, depending on the ABMS Member Board, to take a specialty certification exam.

One of the requirements to achieve Board Certification in UHM, according to the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), is to complete a full time ACGME accredited Fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, during which approximately 25% of the Fellows time was spent in actual management of Undersea/Hyperbaric Medicine cases.





Advocate Aurora

Milwaukee, WI

Contact: Laurie Gesell, MD
Informational recruitment flyer (pdf): Click here
Fellowship Information Website:
Advocate Aurora Woundcare & Hyperbaric Medicine website: 

      The Aurora Health Care Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Program is a one-year, ACGME-accredited training program with two fellowship positions per year.
     We have 14 hyperbaric programs in our hospital system, two of which are training sites. Our primary teaching center is at our multi-place hyperbaric facility located at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee. Our secondary teaching site offers monoplace hyperbaric training, which is located at our Kenosha medical center.
     Fellows in the program can expect to see clinical cases involving the full spectrum of hyperbaric and undersea medicine indications, including those of an emergent and critical nature. Fellows will also take call with our overnight emergent team.
     In addition, fellows will gain experience in wound care and can expect to be a part of our multidisciplinary limb salvage teams.
     We have multiple board-certified fellowship trained attendings on our core faculty, who have created a comprehensive curriculum and didactic series for the training year. Our fellows will also attend out-of-state continuing medical education (CME) training courses as part of their fellowship experience.

Duke University Medical Center

Durham, NC

Contact: Bruce Derrick, MD
(919) 684-6726
Home Page:

Hyperbaric fellows work in the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology, an integral part of Duke University Medical Center.  Four slots are available each year, 2 of which are associated thru Intermountain Healthcare. Applicants must be eligible for licensure as a trainee in the state of North Carolina and they must have completed an ACGME certified residency program and be board eligible in their specialty. The fellowship is highly competitive, and the training is designed to prepare the fellow to become a leader in the field of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine through the development of clinical competence and research expertise. 

Hennepin County Medical Center

Minneapolis, MN

Contact: Thomas Masters, MD 
Home Page: 

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship

Since opening our first hyperbaric chamber in 1964, Hennepin County Medical Center has pioneered the field of undersea and hyperbaric medicine.  Our fellowship is an ACGME accredited one year program whose graduates fulfill the requirements to sit for the American Board of Medical Specialists' certification examination for special competency in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. The Primary Hospital: Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN is a Level I Trauma Center and referral center for all hyperbaric emergencies for western Wisconsin, the eastern Dakotas, Iowa and all of Minnesota.  Fellows practice in our new state-of-the art Center for Hyperbaric Medicine, which opened in 2012.  More information can be found at our website:

Please contact us if interested in applying and for more details:

Thomas Masters, MD
Center for Hyperbaric Medicine
Division of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
Hennepin County Medical Center

Louisiana State University

New Orleans, LA

Contact: Alexandra Eagles 
(504) 366-7638
Home Page:

Fellowship in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Louisiana, LSU Health Sciences Center/Charity Hospital, New Orleans. One year fellowship includes extensive opportunities in clinical and animal research, publishing, and teaching experiences. Divers Alert Network and Gulf Coast Commercial Diving Referral Center. Clinical teaching locations includemultiplace and monoplace units. Interim Program Director: Dr. Micah W. Siegel

Accredited Program: effective July 1, 2008

SUNY Upstate Medical University

Syracuse, NY

Contact: Courtney Hines, HBO Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: (315) 464-4363
Home Page:

Fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine 

This ACGME accredited fellowship program at SUNY Upstate Medical University offers comprehensive training for a physician who is board-eligible in any ABMS or Osteopathic specialty. The program provides intensive training in clinical hyperbaric medicine while including all aspects of wound care and diving medicine. There are didactic lectures based on core curriculum and participation in research within hyperbaric medicine. Opportunities also exist for clinical activity to maintain skills in trainees' primary specialty. 

The San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium (SAUSHEC)

San Antonio, TX

Program Directors: Col. Antonio J. Delgado; Lt. Col. Pablo Medina
Phone: (210) 539-8000
Program Coordinator: Lilia. A. Raabe

Mission: To provide leadership, consultation, and training in Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine (UHM) – spearheading research, education, and medical practice in operational and clinical arenas during conflict or peace.

Vision: To maintain a premier training platform that provides robust exposure to emergency, routine clinical and military operational dive, and hyperbaric medicine, producing high caliber board certified hyperbaric medicine physicians.

The United States Air Force has trained more than 50 hyperbaric medicine physicians over the past 30 years through the Department of Defense’s only UHM fellowship. The intense training in clinical hyperbaric medicine, with an emphasis on altitude physiology and military operations, prepares military physicians to assume the role of UHM clinical and operational specialists. The program is located at the DoD’s largest health care facility, housing a Level 1 Trauma Center and Burn Center, serving San Antonio and the surrounding region.

University of California San Diego

San Diego, CA

Contact: Charlotte Sadler, MD
Phone: (619) 543-6463 or (619) 543-6218
Home Page: 

      The UCSD Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship is designed to provide board-certified or board-eligible physicians licensed in the US the opportunity to be educated and trained in the theory and practice of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Individuals successfully completing the one-year ACGME accredited fellowship should obtain sufficient didactic and practical knowledge to work efficiently and competently in a hyperbaric clinical and research environment and to act in a supervisory capacity of a hyperbaric chamber.
      The UCSD Fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine is a 12 month fellowship that incorporates training in all aspects of hyperbaric and diving medicine. Each fellow spends 4-6 months at UCSD on the hyperbaric medicine service, 3-4 months at our UCSD Wound Care Centers, dedicated research time, 2 weeks at the UHMS Physicians in Diving Medicine Training course, elective time, and 4 weeks of vacation. The program is designed to train 2-3 fellows annually; there are at least 5 hours per week of planned educational experiences and the fellows participate in formal didactic teaching programs and teach undersea and hyperbaric medicine to medical students, residents, and community organizations. The fellowship program is closely associated with the UCSD Department of Emergency Medicine Residency Program. 

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

Contact: Kevin Hardy, MD and Wendy Kelly
 Phone: (215) 898-9095
Home Page:

Fellowship in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

The ACGME accredited fellowship program at The University of Pennsylvania offers comprehensive training for two physicians who are board-eligible in any ABMS specialty. Our program provides intensive training in diving and hyperbaric medicine, including all aspects of wound care and elective opportunities in critical care. A series of didactic lectures occurs weekly, and there are opportunities for research and clinical activity to maintain skills in trainees' primary specialty. 

On-line information is found at 
Interested candidates should contact: 
Wendy Kelly at 215-898-9095 


Two Postdoctoral Positions are offered to study fundamental mechanisms of oxygen in angiogenesis, cell-to-cell adhesion or free radical production/pathogenesis as well as the clinical effects of hyperbaric oxygen. Individuals with clinical experience who are interested in obtaining research training will receive special consideration. An exceptional opportunity exists for collaborative basic and clinical research as part of a NIH-funded Specialized Center of Research in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


One position is offered to a board-eligible, licensed physician for intensive training in undersea and hyperbaric medicine. Fellows are actively involved with the clinical program of Penn's Institute for Environmental Medicine and are provided opportunities for involvement in basic and clinical research as a part of the training.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas/ Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, Hyperbaric Unit

Dallas, TX

Program Director: James Berry, MD
Contact: Rebecca Davis, C-TAGME
Phone: (214) 648-7837
Home Page:

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine (USHM) is a 12-month ACGME-accredited fellowship designed to prepare physicians with another primary Board certification for certification by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.  The curriculum encompasses: physics and physiology of altered ambient pressure, dive safety, clinical applications of hyperbaric oxygen, and the evaluation and treatment of diving and marine injuries. Our faculty have over 50 years of combined experience in aviation and dive medicine as well as anesthesia and critical care.  The multi-place triple-lock hypo/hyperbaric chamber at the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine is the largest in North Texas.  We are active in both the clinical practice of and research into hyperbaric medicine.