The UHMS Fund for Research and Policy Advancement


To provide funding necessary to enhance the UHMS’s mission in the areas of research and public policy. Our goal is to raise $50,000 annually, if the Society is going to have a meaningful impact in both areas of Research and Public Policy.

Why establish a formal Development program?

The UHMS stakeholders want the UHMS to be more effective in representing the field’s interests and because of the position of the organization financially, it is unable to address many of the requests.

The biggest areas of need according to the members and stakeholders are funding research and analysis, and addressing public policy issues.

Based on universal need, the UHMS’s board of directors has approved the formal establishment of a program to allow fundraising to occur and to create two buckets for charitable donations.

We intend on restoring the research program and building a strong public policy program to address the issues impacting the UHMS stakeholders.

The UHMS needs a mechanism to fund basic research, patient registry programs and to pay for analytical and statistical review of registry data and EHR quality data for use in publishing position statements on current or future hyperbaric oxygen therapy indications and similar projects. These initiatives will be under the heading of Research.

The UHMS also needs to raise funds to address the increasing regulatory needs under the heading of Public Policy.

About the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) is an International, non-profit organization serving more than 2,400 members from more than 50 countries.

Our diverse membership ranges from hyperbaric, diving and wound care physicians, scientists, nurses, technicians, respiratory therapists and other allied healthcare professionals who work in the field of hyperbaric, wound care or diving medicine.

The UHMS is the primary source of information for hyperbaric, diving, wound care medicine and physiology worldwide. The Society was founded as the Undersea Medical Society in 1967 but in 1986 changed the name to Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. The name change reflected the rapidly growing interest in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The UHMS shall be international in scope. Its primary purposes shall be:

Forum. To provide a forum for professional scientific communication among individuals and groups involved in basic and applied studies concerned with life sciences and human factors aspects of the undersea environment and hyperbaric medicine.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation. To promote cooperation between the life sciences and other disciplines concerned with undersea activity and hyperbaric medicine.

Continuing Medical Education. To develop and promote evidence-based educational activities that improve the scientific knowledge, competence and/or performance within the scope of undersea and hyperbaric medicine, including wound healing. The primary aim is to improve health care delivery and quality of patient care in diving and hyperbaric medicine practice The target audience of this effort are physicians and allied health professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Regulatory Issues. To provide a source of information and support in the clinical practice of hyperbaric medicine and to stay abreast of legislative, legal, and regulatory changes in the field.

Quality Improvement. To provide a means by which hyperbaric facility directors/owners will have an opportunity to request an accreditation survey of their facility for safety, staffing and verifying the adequacy of the professional medical application of hyperbaric therapy.