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Research Article - Hyperbaric oxygen for post-concussive symptoms in United States military service members: a randomized clinical trial



Should military personnel with persistent post-concussive symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

This question is discussed at length by BIMA, the Brain Injury and Mechanisms of Action of HBO2 for persistent post-concussive symptoms after mild TBI study group, in the March-April 2018 edition of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal.

Results from BIMA suggest that HBO2 may have a favorable effect that merits further study in service members, especially in those with post-traumatic stress disorder. Once an optimal dose of HBO2 is established, we recommend the conduct of an adequately powered Phase III efficacy study before HBO2 is considered for adoption as a standard of care treatment for persistent post-concussive symptoms after mild TBI.