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View our HFA Director, Derall Garett, CHT's, first quarter Pressure column (Member since 2002): 
"The other day I received a call from a tech who was interested in becoming a surveyor. As I explained the process and described who and what the UHMS surveyor program -- and the broader Hyperbaric Facility Accreditation program – was all about, I pointed out that one of the requirements for a surveyor is that each team member has to be a UHMS member first. Then the question came: What do I get for my dues?"  Click here for article.


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Individual Membership Categories:

Most UHMS members are diving or hyperbaric scientists and physicians. Hyperbaric medicine nurses, technicians, sports and commercial divers as well as those with an interest in hyperbaric and diving medicine comprise a substantial group of associate members; and the ranks of student members are rapidly expanding.

All Memberships receive online access to a pdf version of our UHM Journal. If you wish to order a Hard Copy of the UHM Journal (ADDITIONAL FEE), once registered and approved, you will need to log-in to the member site and type the following web link into your browser address bar:

As a member of the Society who lives within the U.S. you will be linked with the UHMS Chapter group within your region (Click here to see Chapter Map) to receive emails with news about your region.  Each Chapter has its own webpage, where you can find information on the Chapter leadership and the next Chapter meeting, including the date/location/schedule/registration. We hope you will support your local chapter by attending their meeting. 


    • Associate (A)($85): Hyperbaric technician, registered nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, undergraduate student, diving supervisor, certified scuba instructor, or other hyperbaric or diving personnel with specialized technical or research backgrounds but who do not possess the academic background for Regular Membership can become Associate Members of the Society. Regular Members (retired) who are 65 or older and are not working can also fall under this category; however they will not have voting rights. Associate Members are not entitled to vote or hold office for the Regular Membership positions on the Board of Directors, but are eligible to vote and hold office for the Associate positions on the Board.

    • In-Training (IT)($140): Members shall be physicians (MD or DO) currently in a formal postgraduate training program (internship, residency or fellowship or post-graduate doctoral trainee).

    • Regular, Government/Military/Academic (RG)($250): Members shall be doctorate-level health care professionals in active government service, or doctorate-level life sciences professionals in academic or government service.

    • Regular (R)($325): Regular Members of the Society shall be physician or doctorate-level health care professionals (MD, DO, PhD, DPM, DDS, or equivalent). This category will include those Associates waived by the BOD as exceptional cases.

    • Student Membership (S)($0 Non-paying)Must submit a letter from the Registrar confirming full-time enrollment and the program the student is currently enrolled in. Must be a full-time student enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs in a related field of nursing, medicine or science. Student members will receive online access to the UHM Journal and our membership newsletter, Pressure along with all other membership benefits. This membership type is non-paying and eligibility must be confirmed annually with enrollment information. Student members are not eligible to vote or hold office. 
    • All levels have an auto-renewal option at a 10% discount -  CLICK HERE to see pricing table and sign up.  

Corporate Partner Categories:

UHMS Corporate Partners include a variety of prestigious international and U.S. corporations, associations, health care facilities, foundations, or partnerships in the field of diving and hyperbaric medicine. The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society continues to be dedicated to the progress and advancement of diving, hyperbaric medicine and wound care and we value the allegiance of our sponsors who are also committed to these endeavors. Corporate membership is available to corporations or companies that are supportive of the mission, purpose and goals of UHMS and wish to support our organization financially.

Levels of Corporate Partnership:

  • Diamond Corporate Partner ($5,500): Five (5) individual memberships, emails sent by UHMS on behalf of the corporate partner, Banner displayed on the Corporate, Vendor and the UHMS Home pages. 
  • Platinum Corporate Partner ($3,500): Four (4) individual memberships, emails sent by UHMS on behalf of the corporate partner, Banner displayed on the Corporate and Vendor pages. 
  • Gold Corporate Partner ($2,500): Three (3) individual memberships, emails sent by UHMS on behalf of the corporate partner, Banner displayed on the Corporate page. 
  • Silver Corporate Partner ($1,500): Two (2) individual memberships and Banner displayed on the Corporate page.
  • Bronze Corporate Partner ($500): Logo Displayed on the Corporate page.



Start receiving these benefits and much more today!

Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription to UHM Journal PDFs
  • Subscription to Pressure newsletter
  • Subscription to Hyperbaric Literature Watch
  • Industry updates: legislative and regulatory affairs
  • Discounts to UHMS CME/MOC/CEU accredited educational opportunities
  • Discounts for article searches from the Duke University Medical Center Library and Archives
  • MEDFAQs the UHMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) system

Activities of the UHMS

  • Monitoring regulatory changes for reimbursement of hyperbaric oxygen therapy services (US and International)
  • Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Development of credentialing criteria for physician practice
  • Accreditation of hyperbaric chamber facilities
  • Development of chamber operational guidelines
  • Increasing availability of online educational opportunities
  • Annual live educational opportunities, such as: our Scientific, Chapter and various courses.
  • Advocacy of high professional standards of practice
  • Representation to federal, state and local agencies on matters related to efficacy, standards of care, reimbursement, etc.
  • Collaborating with professional stakeholders on a global basis
  • Development of evidence-based indications
  • Development of Hyperbaric & Wound Care Facility Accreditation standards


If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact:

Lisa Tidd
Membership Coordinator
919-490-5140 ext 101