Associates Educational Scholarship

The UHMS has received $30,000 to fund a scholarship to help technical and nursing professionals become certified hyperbaric chamber operators.

The Associates Educational Scholarship has been established in honor of Kevan Corson, CHT, CHWS, DMT-1, to honor his enormous and ongoing contribution to the field of hyperbaric medicine as a chamber operator, educator, consultant, diver, technical advisor, and animal advocate.

The UHMS has received $30,000 in seed money from RestorixHealth to fund the scholarship. Alongside our participating educational providers International ATMO, Poseidon Safety International, Simon Fraser University and Wound Care Education Partners, the fund is designed to provide financial support to help technical and nursing professionals become hyperbaric chamber operators.* This includes such goals as becoming a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist, Certified Hyperbaric Nurse, Certified Hyperbaric Specialist or Certified Hyperbaric and Wound Care Specialist.  If you are a current CHT/CHRN, you are not eligible for the scholarship. 

The scholarship will directly cover the cost of the introductory course for students who seek and are approved for scholarship funds. The funds will be paid directly to the company hosting the course on behalf of each student. Travel or other miscellaneous expenses incurred by the student are not eligible for scholarship fund reimbursement.

To apply for consideration go to and complete the application. Applicants who are approved will be notified via email with further instructions. Beginning in 2022 there will be an two-week application period each quarter that will award one scholarship, a total of four per year.

Here’s a list of agencies that provide certification.

  • National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Baromedical Nurses Association
  • American Board of Wound Healing

Formed in 1967, the mission of the UHMS is:

  1. To provide a forum for professional scientific communication among individuals and groups involved in basic and applied studies concerned with life sciences and human factors aspects of the undersea environment and hyperbaric medicine.
  2. To promote cooperation between the life sciences and other disciplines concerned with undersea activity, hyperbaric medicine, and wound care.
  3. To develop and promote educational activities and other programs, which improve the scientific knowledge of matters related to undersea and hyperbaric environments and the accepted applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the membership, as well as physicians and allied health professionals, divers, diver technicians and the public at large.
  4. To provide a source of information and support in the clinical practice of hyperbaric medicine and to stay abreast of legislative, legal, and regulatory changes in the field.
  5. To provide a means by which hyperbaric facility directors/owners will have an opportunity to request an accreditation survey of their facility for safety, staffing and verifying the adequacy of the professional medical application of hyperbaric therapy.

If you have questions, please email


 * Note

  • If you are a current CHT/CHRN, you are NOT eligible for the scholarship. 
  • Scholarship funds are available on a one-time basis per individual.
  • The UHMS scholarship funds will be paid directly to the company hosting the course (on behalf of each student).  Travel or other miscellaneous expenses incurred by the student are not eligible for scholarship fund reimbursement. 
  • Receiving scholarship funds does not guarantee certification. Passing the course does not represent certification. It is the responsibility of the candidate to fulfill all of the training and competencies necessary to become certified, to include applying for the course within three to five months of notification of award and passing the examination for certification with whichever agency they choose.

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