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  • medical Equipment Depot Inc

    medical Equipment Depot Inc

    Listed On: March 23, 10:43 am
    Sechrist 3300H and HR with gurney. This is Sechrist's newer hybrid model with oxygen conservation.
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  • Sechrist 3200/R Monoplace Chamber

    Sechrist 3200/R Monoplace Chamber

    Listed On: March 2, 1:08 pm
    Used and completely functional Sechrist 3200 and 3200R monoplace hyperbaric chambers for sale. Chambers were used exclusively in hospital settings with appropriate annual maintenance by Sechrist...
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  • Hyperbaric Medical Enterprise

    Hyperbaric Medical Enterprise

    Listed On: November 7, 1:43 pm
    Sechrist 3600 With 0029 cycles , Ventilator ,T V system ,Air Break , Stretcher cushions still in wrappers : call will send pictures
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  • Edward Good

    Edward Good

    Listed On: June 2, 2:51 pm
    6 person, 6 atmosphere, dual lock new hyperbaric chamber
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  • Hyperbaric facility (4+2 Deck Decompression Chambers)
    $US $2,300,000.00

    Hyperbaric facility (4+2 Deck Decompression Chambers)

    Listed On: April 19, 9:03 am
    "HYPERBARIC MEDICAL TREARTMENT FACILITY FOR A GROUP OR A RESEARCH TEAM OR A HOSPITAL"History intends to repeat itself in it's best ingenuity & cost effectiveness. This 6-man Saturation Diving Unit...
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  • Edward Good

    Edward Good

    Listed On: March 21, 10:14 am
    New 6 place, 6 atmosphere, dual lock multiplace chamber with control panel, analox system. Greatly discounted
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  • Life Support Technologies
    $contact us for details

    Life Support Technologies

    Listed On: October 20, 11:25 am
    30" dia ETC Baramed chambers, several available, all from active services; chambers are well taken care of and ready to be put into service. Please contact us for questions about details.
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