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GCC Awards: Past Recipients

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YEAR Jefferson C Davis Memorial Award:
For contributions to clinical research or clinical excellence
YEAR Paul James Sheffield Award:
The Paul James Sheffield Award is presented each year to an individual who best represents the scholarship and character of this scientist and educator who has greatly contributed to and influenced the understanding of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.
2018 Nick Bird, MD 2018 Tom Bozzuto, DO
2017 Robert Sanders, MD 2017 Tracy LeGros, MD
2016 John Freiberger,MD 2016 Tony Alleman, MD
2015 Heather Murphy-Lavoie, MD 2015 Rob Sheffield
2014 Helen Gelly 2014 Jayesh B Shah, MD
2013 Tracy Leigh LeGros 2013 Keith Van Meter, MD
2012 Paul James Sheffield 2012 Heather Murphy Lavioe, MD
2011 Jayesh Shah, MD 2011    Suzanne Pack
2010 Keith Van Meter, MD 2010    Robert Warriner, MD
2009 Thomas Bozzuto, DO 2009    Caroline E. Fife, MD
2008 Christopher Morrison, MD    
2007 Jayesh Shah, MD    
2006 Stephen Rydzak, MD    
2005 Noel Olivera, MD    
2004 Caroline E. Fife, MD    
2003 Adrianne P. S. Smith, MD    
2002 Robert Warriner, MD    
2001 Ron Scott, MD    
2000 Not Presented    
1999 Thomas Bozzuto, DO    
1998 Richard D. Heimbach, MD, PhD    
1997 Paul J. Sheffield, PhD    
1996 Jeffery Stone, MD    
1995 Not Presented    
1994 Jack L. LeFrock, MD    
1993 R. Kelly Hill Jr., MD    
1992 Keith Van Meter, MD    
1991 Sheldon F. Gottlieb, PhD    
1990 Jon Mader, MD    


YEAR Wilbur T Workman Award:
The Wilbur T Workman Award is presented each year to an individual who best represents the discipline and enthusiasm of this aerospace and hyperbaric physiologist who has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining safety standards for the specialized field of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.
YEAR Special Services Award:
For contributions to the Gulf Coast Chapter.
2018 Paul Sheffield, PhD  2018 Debra Gonzalez, RN 
2017 Ravi Patel, MD & Connie Hutson 2017 Stacy Rupert
2016 Francois Burman 2016 Tom Workman, MS
2015 Kip Posey 2015 Tony Alleman, MD
2014 Brendt Caenepeel & Amanda Jones 2014 Julio Garcia & Derall Garrett
2013 Roy Cano

2013 Kevin Buford, MD, & Sean Hardy, MD
2012 Betty Knox Brown 2012 Robert Sheffield
 2011    Richard Barry, CHT 2011 John Peters
 2010    Dick Clarke, CHT 2010 Lisa Tidd
 2009    Robert Sheffield, BA, CHT 2009 Melissa Sikes
    2008 Laura Josefsen, RN & Keith Van Meter, MD
    2007 Helen Gelly, MD
    2006 Debbie Sheffield BSN, MSN & Sherrill White
    2005 Paul C. Baker, CHT
    2004 Matt Schweyer, CHT
    2003 Clyde O. Hagood, MD
    2002 W. Tom Workman, MS, CHT
    2001 Suzanne Pack
    2000 Not Presented
    1999 Helen Turcotte Davis
    1998 Suzanne Pack
    1997 Ken Wall and Dak Quarles
    1996 Dr. Judy Wilson, PhD
    1995 Not Presented
    1994 Robert Miller
    1993 Not Presented
    1992 Paul Baker
    1991 Dr. Richard A. Neubauer, MD
    1990 Lynn Scoggins, RN
    1989 Dick Rutkowski


YEAR Edgar M End Memorial Lecture Award:
This lecture award is in honor of Dr. Edgar M. End, MD (1910-1981) who made many pioneering contributions to undersea and hyperbaric medicine.  Dr End is best known for his work with helium-oxygen mixtures in the 1930’s that enabled him to break the US Navy deep-sea dive record and paved the way for the world record dives in excess of 500 fsw that he supervised. His successful use of hyperbaric oxygen for carbon monoxide poisoning in experimental animals led to its application in humans.
 2018 Paul Harsh, MD 
2017 Klaus Torp, MD
2016 Marc S. Robins, DO
2015 John Feldmeier
2014 John Chatterton
2013 Owen O'Neill, MD
2012 Not Presented
2011 Robert Sanders, MD
 2010   Stephen Rydzak, MD
 2009   James K. Culter, BS, MS
2008 Michael L Gernhardt, PhD
2007 Otto Boneta, MD
2006 Dan Rossignol