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Hyperbaric Technician 1



The Hyperbaric Technician I, under the supervision of the Department Program Manager, umes responsibility for the safe and effective operation, control, maintenance of the compression chamber system and supporting components. The Hyperbaric Technician I accompanies patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments in the chamber delivering care appropriate to his/her level of training and in accordance with standard policies and procedures.

The Hyperbaric Technician I is also responsible for performing maintenance activities of the hyperbaric chamber(s) and ociated systems and equipment, under the supervision of the Department Program Manager. In addition, he/she shall collaborate with the Senior Hyperbaric Technologist (Safety Coordinator) with respect to safety issues and /or concerns. The Hyperbaric Technician I is responsible for providing services for inpatients, outpatients, and emergency patients of the following ages: pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics.

The Hyperbaric Technician I job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Operates the compression chamber and supporting components and maintains operating, maintenance, safety logs and other required documentation, as specified in department policy.

  • Carries out hyperbaric oxygen treatment protocols, as prescribed by the Hyperbaric Physician, and actively participates in patient teaching pertaining to HBO treatments.

  • Prepares the hyperbaric chamber, equipment and materials needed for patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Process (cleans and stores properly) equipment/supplies used in the hyperbaric environment and/or department.

  • Assists in wound care under the direct supervision of the Hyperbaric Physician(s) and/or Nurses, as required.

  • Performs required preventive and other maintenance under the supervision of a Senior Technologist/Safety Coordinator.

  • Evaluates equipment/supplies used in the chamber and ensures that they meet hospital Biomedical Department requirements as well as all safety requirements before they are permitted inside the chamber.

  • Supports the mission and vision of the Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC) and demonstrates excellent customer service at all times.

  • Understands and is committed to helping the Baylor University Medical Center and its ociated facilities achieve its goals under the BUMC Financial Performance Plan.

  • Understands and enforces system, departmental and hospital policies and procedures as well as established rules and regulations.

  • The job responsibilities of this position may include cross training in other functions or positions to ensure satisfactory operation of the department/work unit or to permit flexible staffing ignments.

  • Must learn and comply with System and Facility safety policies and rules; must use appropriate safety equipment and procedures at all times; must immediately report all unsafe conditions to supervisors; must be familiar with all safety features of equipment, tools or materials encomped by job duties; and must check with supervisors (prior to job performance) if there is a question as to the safe procedure to be used for any job function.

  • Assists the Senior Technician(s) as one of the department's Technical Trainers for full-time and PRN Staff and provides training related to the appropriate aspects of hyperbaric physiology, decompression tables, equipment operations and safety, and treatment protocols.

Employees working in this role will be required to work inside a multiplace hyperbaric chamber and will be required to p a medical screening before working in the role. The medical screen will examine prior history of: eye, ear, sinus, and lung issues; diabetes; bleeding or blood disorders; asthma or emphysema; and claustrophobia or confinement anxiety.

The ideal candidate for the Hyperbaric Technician I role will be able to work in a fast-paced and customer service-oriented environment and to perform duties and meet deadlines in a timely manner


  • Location/Facility –Irving-Coppell

For more information on the facility, please click our Locations link.

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